दिया मुंबई टीम ने ओल्ड एज होम में मनाया चेतना दिवस – महाराष्ट्र

31 October 2016 – DIYA Mumbai celebrated  Chetana Diwas Celebrations . In this occasion DIYA Team visited Old Age Home.

The students cleaned every rooms of inmates in groups. They prepared food with their own hands. Many also served them with their own hands. Many girls combed womens hair, served them. More than things it was the intimacy that was the most precious. The divine touch of youths, the love, the Belonging ,The love ,The compassion  was to give vent to the feelings of the old which made many outburst their emotions. Collective chants of Gayatri & MahaMrutynajaya Mantras for well being of inmates and special prayers for Shraddeya Drji on his birthday today. By the end of visit the youths and the inmates were in mesmerising closeness with tears rolling down as they departed with each other.DIYA in physical presence,oil of emotions,wick of Karmas,surrender to master is the unique way -DIYA celebrated Diwali for inmates

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